Valerie Green – Valerie Green/Dance Entropy

Valerie Green has been an active dancer, choreographer, and teacher in the New York City dance community since 1995. After graduating from University of Wisconsin-Madison and studying as one of the Erick Hawkins School’s last pupils, Green sought a platform for her own innovative movement style and artistic vision. She founded Valerie Green/Dance Entropy in 1998.

To date, Green has created 38 dances including nine evening-length works, all of which incorporate forms of original production, musical composition, innovative set design or new media. Her choreography has been presented extensively throughout New York. Internationally, Green has toured to Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Canada, Croatia, France, Georgia, Greece, Guatemala, India, Italy, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia and Cuba both as VG/DE’s artistic director and an individual teaching and performing artist.

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