Small Plates Choreography Festival is a dance performance series advancing the work of dance makers. We create a growth environment for artists by by producing curated showcase-style performances in several cities each year and by facilitating guided dialogue after each performance between the audience and the choreographers. The artist/audience interface is what makes Small Plates truly special.

Small Plates Choreography Festival is a platform for artist promotion, an incubator for creative community, an entry point for emerging choreographers and curious observers into the world of concert dance, and a sounding board for established artists and their audiences to engage in the art of performance with one another. Small Plates creates a touring opportunity for small dance companies and independent makers, allowing them to experience how their creative work will be received in communities outside of their own.

Small Plates Choreography Festival was created in 2012 by Beth McKee Elliott with the intention to create meaningful performance opportunities for choreographers and dancers, and to cultivate a zoetic interface between movement artists and their audiences. The festival provides a venue for the presentation of short dance works to a shared audience, building community through performance, dialogue, and professional networking.

We invite you to be part of the Small Plates community experience by APPLYING for one of our shows, or by coming to experience on of our PERFORMANCES where you can meet and talk with the ARTISTS.

Producers interested in hosting Small Plates Choreography Festival in their community should contact the director Beth Elliott.

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Xianix Barrerra Flamenco at Small Plates Brooklyn
Photo by Maiya Elliott