Casey Shea

Casey Shea will graduate from University of the Arts with a BFA in dance in the spring of 2019. She has been in numerous peer, faculty, and resident choreographers’ work since studying here including work by Paul Matteson, Jennifer Nugent, Sidra Bell, Jesse Zaritt, Katie Swords, Tommie Waheed-Evans, Beth Gill, and Helen Simoneau. She studies dance as an academia, taking classes that emphasize the importance of the language around dance, the history behind it, the anatomy of the body, and how dance stands with the rest of the world in terms. She had the opportunity to travel to Europe and Israel to dance and perform through the university. She has attended summer intensives around the country including Axis Connect, Gallim Summer Intensive, Generation IV and Sidra Bell Intensive. While making work, she is interested in a lack of transitions, various levels of effort, exhaustion, using pain to make work, and different versions of self.

Instagram: @caseeeey123