Ayelet Haran

Ayelet Haran is a Washington-based dancer and choreographer. Growing up in Tel Aviv, Israel, Ayelet began her dance training at age 5. She attended the San Francisco Academy of Ballet under the direction of Richard Gibson and Zory Karah, and received additional training by Sharon Vaisvaser, Sarit Shatzky, Stephanie Liapis, Francis Patrelle, and the Paul Taylor School. Ayelet currently dances with ACW Dances, a DC-based dance company. She also serves as a guest choreographer with the company, and premiered her piece “Scrape the Filling” in the company’s 2014 season. She was previously a member of the Gvanim Dance Company and Isabel Gotzkowsky and Friends, and has performed in projects with Becky Radway Dance Projects and the dancers of Taylor 2. She graduated from Columbia University with a Masters of Public Administration in 2011 and currently works in global government relations for a small consulting firm in Washington DC.

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