Kista Tucker – Kista Tucker Insights

Kista Tucker (MA, MFA, CMA, RSMT) has performed and presented her work via Kista Tucker Insights, KTd, Inc., and as a solo artist throughout the US, Europe, Japan, Mexico, and Canada. She has a wide range of performance experiences, from a major role in Kurt Jooss’ The Green Table to Tucker’s own Fractured. She received over $36,500.00 toward creating and touring a choreographic project based on the Korean War Veterans Memorial located in Washington, DC.

Tucker has been associated with the LIMS Management Committee and was elected to two terms on the CORD Board of Directors. She has taught at George Washington University in Washington, DC, The Ohio State University, Sam Houston State University, The University of South Florida, and SUNY College at Brockport.

Tucker has presented her work for LIMS, IADMS, ISMETA, CORD, ACDA, NDEO, and other organizations. She conducts workshops, acts in the capacity of Guest Artist within universities and other institutions, adjudicates for ACDA, is currently working on publishing her KT Warm-Up project. What’s more, she is preparing to publish her first novel—and yes, dance is a part of it. Tucker has received numerous awards and commissions.