Therese Gahl

With her strong ballet training from the Washington School of Ballet, Therese Gahl has created a personal reinterpretation of the classical ballet idiom and technique with her own eclectic intonation. Born and raised on the other side of the Potomac River in Falls Church, VA she has expanded and explored her dance education and experience within many different dance institutions in the DC Metropolitan area. A former dancer with Ballet West II in Salt Lake City, she is currently a dancer with Miya Hisaka’s Teatro de Danza Contemporanea and Shu Chen Cuff’s Gin Dance Company. She has also performed with many DC artists for projects including Diana Movius, Sarah J. Ewing, and Ivy Chow. As a teacher she has instructed at many dance institutions, including, CityDance School and Conservatory, Washington Ballet, Maryland Youth Ballet, and BalletNOVA. Since her time teaching at CityDance School and Conservatory she has had the opportunity to choreography over 30 pieces of choreography for the school, many of which were selected to perform at international dance competitions, including Youth America Grand Prix. Gahl recently completed her diploma certification for Dance ICON Smart USA Method, International Consortium for Advancement in Choreography, founded by Vladimir Angelov. She is looking forward to future endeavors sharing her choreographic and kinetic voice through her movement within such an eclectic DC/MD/VA dance community she is fortunate to call home.