Betsy Loikow and Shannon Dooling-Cain – Glade Dance Collective

At home in Washington, D.C., Glade Dance Collective has commanded stages since 2009 with provocative, emotionally charged work. Glade is dedicated to collaboration—with audiences, with other artists, and most importantly with each other. Our collective choreographic process offers freedom for every member to have a say in movement generation, in overall narrative structure and storyboarding, and in production elements. Glade members are dancemakers, story tellers, and thinkers, seeking to raise the profile of modern dance in DC and beyond through dynamic performance, powerful community engagement, and progressive outreach. Our work tends toward the narrative, and we are drawn to stories of personal, communal, and political resonance. Glade has performed extensively through the Washington, D.C. metro area and regionally along the east coast. For a detailed performance resume and to learn more about individual artists, please visit