Yamini Kalluri

Yamini Kalluri is a professional Kuchipudi dancer based in New York, NY. She has been practicing this dance form for more than ten years now. She has been under the tutelage of the legendary guru, Padmasri Dr. Sobha Naidu. Yamini is known for her grace, agility and uncompromising perfection. She has evolved into a fine dancer and created a fresh style of technique for herself. She has been teaching Kuchipudi for over six years now. She finished her certificate course in Kuchipudi from Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University with distinction results in the year 2013. Although young in age, her ambition and passion towards this dance form is immense. She aims to bring a new face to Kuchipudi. Yamini has performed in various prestigious festivals and venues across India and internationally. She is now a youth member of the International Dance Council, UNESCO.

Instagram: @yaminikalluri
Facebook: Yamini Kalluri